Yusi Zhao paid $6.5 million for her to be admitted to Stanford University

“I tested into Stanford through my own hard work.” These were the sentiment of Yusi Zhao as she was offering advice to her social media followers on her credibility to be accepted in American top university Stanford University. In the video posted in 2017 on social media, Yusi Zhao is seen giving advice to her social media followers and how qualified she was to be a student at the university.

“Some people think, ‘Didn’t you get into Stanford because your family is rich?’” says Yusi Zhao “It wasn’t like that, the admissions officers have no idea who you are.

In the recent revelations, it is clear that Yusi Zhao parents paid a whopping $6.5 million to University consultant to help her daughter to be admitted to Stanford University. In what is considered to be the biggest University admission scam with over 50 celebrities and tycoons being involved in paying bribes for their students to be admitted.

According to the prosecutor, William Singer the person at the center of this controversy recruited Ms. Zhao to the Stanford University sailing team and later made a donation of $500,000 to the sailing team.

This is the largest amount paid at ago in the scandal that has caught some of the top Hollywood stars, top lawyers and other tycoons. Yusi Zhao and her parents have not yet been yet. Zhao is the daughter of pharmaceutical billionaires.

Another Chinese tycoon is under investigation for paying $1.2 Million for her daughter to be admitted to Yale University.

Aurelia Nicault

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