Why The Death of Rachael Held Evans Has Affected Many People

The unexpected death of Rachael held Evans on Saturday has left a lot of people who loved her writings with sadness.

Many people said that Evans was the reason they kept their faith with God and the church. In mid -April Evans was hospitalized and the doctors induced her into a coma after finding out that she was experiencing seizures as they were treating her for an infection.

Dan Evans, her husband, took to her website to announce the news of her death, news which shocked a lot of people.

A Gofundme campaign for Evans which was launched to cover her medical expenses during her stay in the hospital had reached $70,000. By Sunday morning the amount had exceeded $179,000.

Rachael Held Evans was well known for her incredible Christian voice. Evans was a speaker, writer and an author of bestselling Christian books.

Her writing mostly talked to people who were struggling with their faith, LGBT people within the church, women looking for treatment and traditional evangelicalism.

After Evans death, the #BecauseofRHEhashtag started trending as many people began telling their journey as to how Evans encouraged them to remain strong in their faith and remain active in their churches.

One woman with the name Jamie Holderman wrote that Evans was among the voices who made her feel like no person could reject her. She said that Evans held a space for her to feel loved.

Evans who was 37 leaves behind a husband and two small kids. Funeral arrangements are still pending.

Aurelia Nicault

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