Us Congresswoman Ilan Omar Receives Death Threats After Trump 9/11 Tweets

The first ever women Muslim leader, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, death threats against her have surfaced ever since a video of a speech she made on March this year was shared on Twitter by President Trump accusing her of belittling the 9/11 attacks.

”Since the president’s tweet (on) Friday Evening, I have experienced an increase in direct threats of my life- many directly referring or replying to the president’s video,” Mrs. Omar said in a statement on Sunday. The Minnesota representative accused the President of causing hatred and crimes of violence by white citizens and right-wing loyalists. Mrs. Omar, however, expressed appreciation to security officers for the keen interest to the threats she’s been receiving.

Conservatives were sharply critical last week of Mrs. Omar’s comments in front of the Council of Islam-America Relations at Los Angeles after she stated that “some people did something” in reference to 9/11 attack which almost lost the lives of 3,000 people.

While her defenders accuse Omar’s critics of ignoring the context of the speech by only quoting parts where she appears to downplay the attacks, her attackers accuse her minimizing one of the biggest tragedy the nation has ever experienced.

A man who resides in New York was earlier this month arrested for swearing to put a bullet inside Mrs. Omar’s skull. A protester was also captured in West Virginia with a message that people seem to have forgotten the 9/11 attack by electing Mrs. Omar.

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