U.S Teenagers Are Not That Enthusiastic About the Future of Their Finances

American teenagers have a lot to think about. They think about fitting in, school, guns, environment and trying to figure out who they are. However, given the fact that most parents are still paying their bills, you will be surprised to find that a majority of them are already worried about money and the future of their finances.

What Teenagers Want

Considering the low unemployment rate in the United States, a survey showed that about 62percent of teens only want to have a stable full-time job and this was among one of the top goals for most teens. Another 59 percent said that their top goal was graduating from a four-year school.
Another 53 percent said that their main goal is being financially independent in such a way that they will stop relying on their parents for financial help. However, 37 percent of teens said that they would not stop relying on their parents until they hit 30.

What Can You Do?

It is essential that as a parent you start talking to your children about money early. They need to understand the value of a dollar and where their family stands. Teenagers need to be educated on how money is earned and some of the financial consequences which come with it.

Parents should set a good example and involve their kids in financial discussions. A kid who regularly watches mom and dad buy things they cannot afford is more likely to adopt those behaviors in the future.

Rachel Barrett

Rachel Barrett is the co-founder of Exclusive Reporter 24. Rachel has two college degrees; one in Business Management and the other in Computer Science. She also has a diploma in Sales Marketing. Rachel had always had a flair for investigative journalism. Rachel is a writer, business strategy coach and mentor to many businessmen and women. She has written five best-sellers which focuses on the fundamentals of mental approach to sales marketing.

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