Trump’s Administration tightens Restrictions against Asylum Seekers from Mexico

The 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a decision by a San Francisco judge that would have prevented asylum-seekers from being deported to Mexico during the legal challenge. This ruling was made on Tuesday by the Federal Courts Appeal Court. The 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals deals frequently with president’s complaints.

The trump administration has been accused of infringing on the human rights of asylum seekers. In April, Trump issued a presidential memo seeking for proposals to charge fees for asylum seekers, stop issuance of work permits to asylum seekers until their applications were approved, shut asylum seekers into limited court proceeding s to judge their applications, and have asylum cases dealt within 180 days.

11 Central Americans and advocacy groups challenged the policy citing that it put asylum seekers in danger while staying in Mexico where crime and violence are rampant. Due to the lengthy process of immigration cases in the U.S court system, Trump’s Administration seeking to expand this policy across the border will jeopardize asylum seekers who are mainly in Central America.

Trump’s Administration introduced its “Migrant Protection Protocols” policy on Jan 29 in San Diego, and later extended to El Paso, Texas, Calexico and California. Immigrants are to report to the border crossing in the morning where they are transported to the immigration court and returned to the border after the hearing. The U.S has so far deported 3,267 Central American asylum seekers through three border cities.

Enforcement of this policy is a violation of the humanitarian protections to which (asylum seekers) are entitled to under the United States and International Laws.

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