Liam Hemsworth Says That the Loss of Their Home to a wildfire Sped Up His Wedding to Miley Cyrus

Liam’s and Miley’s low key wedding in December might have come as a shock to their fans.

But after the pair dealt with the loss of their home in a wildfire, Hemsworth said that getting married made more sense. Hemsworth told QG Australia that the two of them fell in love with each other quickly and that they had a strong connection.

He knew that they would eventually get married, but he did not think it would be that soon. He added to say that having gone through the loss of their home together brought them closer to each other. Hence they wanted to start a part of their new life together. He said that their marriage was something good which came from a bad situation.

Hemsworth remembers being at his brother Luke’s house when the wildfires began. However, he was sure that his dry property would be susceptible to fire.

It was not until Miley gave him a call while out of town that he knew something was amiss. Hemsworth says that it was pretty gut-wrenching when he received the call from Miley and came to the realization that they had lost all their possessions.

Cyrus who is 26 and Liam 29 first met on set in 2009 and later got engaged in 2012 after being in an on and off a relationship.

Cyrus began wearing her engagement ring in 2016 and finally got married in December in their home in Tennessee surrounded by family and friends.

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