Jenna Dewan Talks About a Rough Year After Separating from Channing Tatum

Jenna Dewan is finally opening about how she has been taking care of herself after a year of splitting with her husband, Tatum.

While at the Ellen DeGeneres show Jenna told guest host John Cena that it was no secret she had an intense year and many changes after splitting with her husband.

Here`s how Dewan worked things out.

Dewan told Cena that she is more like a seeker and she enjoys performing rituals and practices which connect her to something greater than her. She also said that she used a lot of techniques which helped her to make various changes and also to get through a tough year.

The actress also got through the year by writing a memoir called “Gracefully You.” The memoir is due in October, and the actress says that it contains a lot of personal stories and information about her background in dance. She said that she had a lot of fun and gained experience in writing the book.

Dewan also talked about her new boyfriend Steve Kazee who introduced her to the world of WWE. She said that her boyfriend influenced her a lot to watch WWE such that she now watches wrestle mania even when alone.

Cena applauded Dewan for openly talking about her struggles. Cena told her that he was happy with Dewan for talking about her journey.

Cena added that everyone has their ups and downs and he loves reading stories where a person bravely talks about what they been through and how they emerged victors.

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