Lauren Conrad in her latest podcast exposes the myth of how new moms are expected to be perfect. She says like many moms she thought breastfeeding would come out naturally, it would be simple and the most amazing thing in the world. The body would just know what to do automatically and when to do it as it is what it is set to do says the previous Hills star on a Wednesday episode. Conrad who is expecting her second baby considers breastfeeding period the most challenging period for a new mother.

At 33 with her son at four months, she says she found out she did not have enough milk to breastfeed him. At one time despite having a half-frozen bag of breast milk she could not feed it to him since she had reserved it after taking a martini and so she just keep it there in the freezer and felt bad about it with nothing else to give to her son. Substitutes in the likes of tea, lactation cookies as well as pills were not of help and she ended up feeling bad and disappointed at failing at something that should just come out naturally.

This made breastfeeding such a difficult period for her. Conrad with her guest author Leslie Bruce agrees that it is important to prepare to breastfeed with loofahs. As she chuckles Conrad says the most remembered advice she received from her mother was to loofah her nipples which were so funny.

Aurelia Nicault

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