Eu, Canada Rejects Trump’s Policy Terming It Unfair

In a press statement released by EU foreign affairs supremo Federica Mogherino and Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom, also signed by Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland, Trump’s policy was termed as contrary to international law.“The EU and Canada consider the extraterritorial application of unilateral Cuba-related measures contrary to international law,” part of the statement read.

President Trump ascended a controversial bill that was passed by the US Congress in 1996 but has always been avoided in the past two decades through a 6-month delay by each sitting president due to the sensitivity of the matter. The act was nonetheless passed in the usual Trump-way despite warnings from the European Union. In the act popularly known as the Helms-Burton Act, businesses or companies which operate on properties acquired by Fidel Castro during the 1959 revolution court can face legal action in the US courts.

The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on business owners in Cuba to fully check whether the buildings they own is a failed experiment of communism. He proceeded on to ask American allies and friends to stand with the Cuban people at such moments. The statement made Canada and the European Union who has been warning for long about the Hermo-Burton Act to reply swiftly about the matter, with the European Union saying that they will not hesitate to use any means possible, including co-operation with their allies, to protect their interests. The Trump announcement comes at a time when Cuba is going a tough time economically.

Alexander Treseder

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