Catherine Pugh, Baltimore Mayor resigns after months of pressure

Catherine Pugh, Baltimore Mayor has finally resigned after months of the glowing plea for the mayor to step down. Catherine, a Democrat has been under investigation for selling thousands of self-published children’s book series. Most of the sales made were to entities she worked with or those she had influence over.

In the past few weeks, the federal agents have on numerous occasions raided her two homes, city hall and other locations connected to her. Catherine Pugh has been on a paid leave since 1st April because of her health reasons.

An investigation is being conducted by the Maryland office of State to determine if she may have violated any law or ethics. The former mayor has not been charged with any offense by both the local and the federal government.

Pugh was elected in 2016 and she has not had a chance to have a smooth transition as she has been on and off the office due to her health concern. The mayor was hospitalized the last five days of May and therefore making her request for a paid leave.

In a statement she produced as she resigned, she was sorry for the harm she has caused the Baltimore city.

“I am sorry for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and the credibility of the office of the mayor,” she said in a letter read by her lawyer Steve Silverman.

Since 2nd April, Bernard “Jack” Young the president of Baltimore city council has been serving as the acting mayor.

Aurelia Nicault

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