4 Ways You Can Fund Your Small Business

When starting up a new business, you will need funds to finance a lot of things. However not every person will have the right amount of money for starting that dream business. You need to find various ways in which you can finance your business. Here are ways in which you can fund your small business.

1) Enter Business Plan Competitions

There are many business plan competitions which happen all over the country because organizations and cities want to encourage start-ups to benefit from having an entrepreneurial economy.
You can google business plan competition and enter the name of your city or state.

2) Microfinancing

Maybe you do not have a huge amount of money just a little to start you off. If you fear that you do not qualify for such funding, you can use microfinancing. You can try groups like Kiva for a small loan.

3) SBA Loans

The SBA does not give out loans, but there are specific loans which it can guarantee. Also since the SBA is an arm of the federal government if it guarantees you a loan your chances of getting that loan goes up.

4) Traditional Bank Loans

Banks want to lend you money. Lending is their primary business. What a bank wants in return is an assurance that the loan will be safe with you and that you will pay back the whole amount in full and on time.
Your responsibility, therefore, is to make their work easy. You can meet up with a banker and create a loan application which meets the bank’s criteria.

Alexander Treseder

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